Training Course

About the Training Course


2-year free virtual online course on regulatory science in drug development for childhood cancer. There are two versions of the training course- an introductory version and a full version. There will be a total of 6 modules spread across the two years:

  • The introductory course will include one 1.5hr webinar for each module
  • The full course will include four 1.5hr webinars for each module as well as quizzes, Q&A opportunities.

Applications are now closed.

Module 1

  • Overview of pediatric oncology-life cycle drug development
  • Coordinators Karsten Nysom (Rigshospitalet) & Nick Bird (SKC-UK)

Module 2

  • Preclinical Drug Development
  • Coordinators Peter Adamson (Sanofi) & Teresa de Rojas (ACCELERATE)

Module 3

  • Early phase development
  • Coordinators Delphine Heenen (Kick Cancer) & Lucas Moreno (UAB)

Module 4

  • Late phase development
  • Coordinators Dominik Karres (EMA) & Leona Knox (SKC-UK)

Module 5

  • From clinical development to clinical use
  • Coordinators Anja Schiel (NoMA) & Gilles Vassal (ACCELERATE)

Module 6

  • How to accelerate the process?
  • Coordinators Andy Pearson (ACCELERATE) & Raphael Rousseau (Neogene)

Content Overview

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